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How to collect and transport Monkeypox samples?

Since May 2022, the number of monkeypox cases are constantly rising. As a result, WHO declared monkeypox a public health emergency and released interim guidelines and information about the virus. Discover here which of Copan’s products are suitable for monkeypox sample collection.

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Copan White paper

Copan White Paper: Monkeypox, sample collection and diagnostic techniques

With the Copan White Papers, we aim to promote a better understanding of our products and help healthcare professionals to select the proper device according to their needs. Read here the first of the series, “Monkeypox: sample collection and diagnostic techniques.”

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Microbiology time

Microbiology Time – August 2021

It’s August Microbiology Time! We just updated our website’s scientific database and chose the best three papers of the month: a study on extrapulmonary samples processing with MycoTB™, an alternative to PCR for Sars-CoV-2 diagnosis, and the first feedback from the LolliSponge™ use to collect saliva for COVID-9 screening.

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