Solutions Providers

Are you looking for a component for your assay but you don’t find it on our website? Tell us! Experts in the collections and transport systems sector, we centralize on this specialized line and use our expertise to recommend the best device or devices to complete your kit. Proactively working with you, we distinguish the very purpose of your project and what component best suits your needs. Copan has set up a particular division on working with diagnostic and biotechnology companies to improve specimen collection, transport, and preservation. Prominent experts of diverse backgrounds and domains merge in this distinctive unit. With its status as a pioneer of pre-analytics novelty, the COPAN team engages with you to develop a proper solution for the collection, transport and preservation of your sample that works in tandem with your assay. The team is the genuine synonym for highest quality demands. For the customer, they reflect the out-standing reliability of the assay development. Your continued support and guidance on this exciting journey of COPAN’s solutions providers is inestimable. So, stay tuned!